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Saturday Feburary 14th 1pm - 2pm.

Free Course!

Portfolio Templates! Show off the great work you've done. We're going to give you a cool template and teach you how to customize it, you'll be able to put your work (websites, java projects, etc.) in the template to display online. If you don't have any work yet, we'll have a fun project for you to do to go online.

New Monthly Pricing Option

  • $60/month - 4 sessions / month
  • $85/month - unlimited sessions

See section 'Courses' for more info!

We've created multiple lessons to help our youth learn how to build webpages and write software. Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry. Learning to create webpages and write functional programs is a lot of fun. Programming allows you a freedom to create whatever you desire. If you can think of it, you can do it.

We focus on teaching 11-18 year old youth, how programs and websites are created. We encourage everyone to take our Intro to Web Development class. It's an 8 lesson course that teaches them HTML/CSS and has an intro to PHP and Javascript. By the end they will have created a completely functional website and will be ready to take our more in-depth classes.

Don't hesitate to call us (801-876-0224) for more information and get started today!


Weekly Open Sessions

Tuesdays: Wednesdays: Thursdays:
4:00pm - 5:20pm4:00pm - 5:20pm4:00pm - 5:20pm
5:30pm - 7:00pm5:30pm - 7:00pm

Registration and payments can be done in person or over the phone.

We're usually there one hour before classes start. Or you can call us at 801-876-0224. If your student wants to start that day please call for availability.

See section 'About Us' for how class sessions are operated.

Pay Per Course or Monthly Membership!

Monthly Pricing

  • $60/month - 4 sessions / month
  • $85/month - unlimited sessions


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Other Classes in the planning stages are: Ruby, Word Press w/ php and Animation.

If theres a topic you would like to learn about or a project you would like to complete, we can make it into a class. Our team has a wide expanse of experience in software, design and hardware development and would love to help you out. We will always be adding new courses.

Online Courses

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Everyone deserves the chance to learn how to write computer code. It's becoming the new literacy. Now students can take all of our courses from your own home. However, we still want everyone to stay connected to our incredible teachers. As you progress through your projects join our live review sessions. During the review sessions our instructors go over the project you're working on and answer your questions.

Take our classes from anywhere in the world. You'll be able to purchase the class you want while having access to live project reviews with our teachers throughout each week.

***Please read through the course descriptions in section 'Courses' before purchasing.***

My Tech High - Online Technology Courses

For more information on My Tech High visit their website Here.

My Tech High offers courses for kids ages 6-18. Currently we can offer their courses for $250 / course (except the animation class) That's $100 off the normal price! These courses are loaded with hours of content and projects.

You can take these courses from your home, get help from Simply Coding teachers in our classroom and learn from the course creator in weekly online reviews.

For registration and details please call 801-876-0224.

Before you get started you'll need to download a good text editor to use. Below are some suggestions based on operating systems.

Text Editors - Windows
Download Notepad++ (For Help watch this video Youtube Download Help)
Download Gedit
Text Editors - Mac
Download Text Wranger
Download Gedit
Media Player - All Operating Systems
Download VLC Meida Player

Also create a new folder on your desktop to keep all your work in, this will help you get things organized as you progress through the projects.


Thank you everyone for your feedback!

Where to begin? My son Jonathan knew virtually nothing about coding when he signed up for your class. I can honestly say he wasn't excited, as this was not an interest. However, he went to the first class, loved your instructors, and was hooked. He begged me to pay for java as soon as he heard you offered it. Your instructors are top notch and your program is outstanding. I appreciate the free classes on Saturdays. You have exceeded my expectations on every level. Thank you.
My boys sure love the programming class. Thank you for doing this.
I'm not someone who really likes computers, but I actually found this fun.
I learned more in this class than I did in my semester at school.

Internet Safety

Thanks to Adam Moore for his presentation about the dangers of pornography. It was awesome to listen to what he had to say. He's a great presenter and allowed the audience to interact with him and ask questions.

Below are different services that offer content / time management solutions and how to implement them, if you have any questions please contact us.

Open DNS

Open DNS ( is a content management service. That is easy to implement and is managed with one admin login. It can be used on individual devices or on your wifi router to filter content of anyone connected to your internet.

Click Here for Step by Step Implementation

See images below for OpenDNS filtering options.

Opendns1 400 opt Opendns2 400 opt


DD-WRT is software installed on your router, to control internet usage

It's strong point is being able to control how long each device is allowed to access the internet. This software can be installed on most linksys type routers or you can purchase a buffalo brand router which comes pre-installed with dd-wrt software

Click Here for Images About dd-wrt

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a paid service that offers a lot of protection, and can be installed on all types of electronics from computers to tablets to phones. You'll be protected no matter where the device goes.

In addtion to offering content filters and time management solutions it also includes some other options. You can set social media settings to be notified of social media activity on one of your accounts. Also, you can have net nanny manage the account so no one in the family knows the admin password

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety is really a complete tool to protect any number of windows computers or tablets. You can have one or multiple admin accounts to control content and time limits on the internet for the other accounts. Kids accounts are easy to custom and allows them to request access to other sites. Parent accounts are notified of activity and site requests through email.

Click Here to Get Started

Apple Parental Controls

Apple Parental Controls allows you to customize settings for each login account on your mac computers / ipads. iPhones have a different setting called 'Restrictions'. With Mac Parental Controls you're able to set both content filtering and internet usage limits. They also have a 'kids' setting that will only give them access to a handful of websites such as and any others that you include.

Click Here for Step by Step Implementation

About Us

Simply Coding
76 North 100 East, Suite A-6
American Fork, Ut 84003

If you have any questions or just want more information you can call us at 801-876-0224.

Additionally, you may send us an email to

We are located in American Fork across the street from the Tabernacle next to Pizza hut and Fresh Market.

Mission Statement

Provide youth the opportunity to learn computer science in an environment with knowledgeable teachers through 1 on 1 interaction.


Unlike traditional schooling where each lesson is taught to a full class and you're required to attend each session, our curriculum is taught individually and allows the student to go at their own pace.

Our courses are project driven and the students will see their work expand into fully functionally websites and programs. Every session will be attended by multiple qualified teachers allowing students to attend as often as their schedules permit.

Our curriculum is based off the needs of the current software job market and not fads or games. All of our staff is in tune with the software environment. We keep current as computer science evolves.

We want to provide valuable experiences and habits so our youth are prepared with the correct knowledge to work at the leading software companies.

Regardless if a student pursues computer science as a career, having a foundation and knowledge of computer programming gives him a huge advantage in the job market. Not only will they understand the man power it takes to complete various projects, but being able to relate and communicate effectively with software engineers is an individual that all companies seek after.

Meet the Teachers

Seth Iorg CEO - Co Founder

Seth graduated from BYU in 2007 then worked at Bloosky Media from 2007-2009. At Bloosky he worked with multiple programmers building an email marketing platform. Seth was in charge of software functionality and execution. Working with computer programmers taught him the need and value of learning programming for himself. In 2009 he started his own software company Infiniti Media which is still active today. From working with multiple programmers all over the world and seeing the great need for kids to learn this skill at a younger age, he founded Simply Coding in June of 2013. Seth wrote and designed the Intro to Web Development course for Simply Coding.

Joe Schellenberg - Co Founder

Graduated from UVU in 2010. Joe joined Seth at Infiniti Media in November 2010. Joe has managed multiple servers, built many websites as well as trained many clients using Infiniti Media's software. He co-founded Simply Coding and was instrumental in testing and researching projects for all Simply Coding's courses. Joe helps teach the Intro to Web Development Course.

Jeremy Conterio - Java / Web Development Teacher

Jeremy is a Junior at UVU in the Computer Science Program. Jeremy previously worked at eFile Cabinet and used HTML and CSS very frequently. He wrote and designed the Simply Coding Java class taught to our current students.

Forrest Tait - UVU Internship

Forrest is in his 2nd year at UVU in the Computer Science Program. Forrest excels at Web Design and scripting languages including: PHP, JavaScript and RUBY. Forrest wrote the 2nd Web Development Class for Simply Coding, and is currently working on a JavaScript course.

Jacob Reid - UVU Internship

Jacob is in his 1st year at UVU in the Computer Science Program. Jacob has experience with C#, C++ and Python. He has picked up Web mark up languages such as HTML and CSS very quickly. Jacob is writing the C++ class for Simply Coding.